Library Day in the Life – Tuesday

My Tuesday began much like my Monday: checking email, Friendfeed, Twitter, and the like. Watched the video from the Colbert Report on libraries that I missed last night. giggled. re-watched Shatner reading the Palin speech. giggled more.

Tackled the in-basket for a while. took care of all the interoffice mail, sorted the never-ending stack of review journals and publisher catalogs, sent some other journals on their way.

Took a break to do my morning laps around the building. needed to thaw out anyway.

Made final decision on Writer’s Market. Took local history book from a branch to tech svc so it can be cataloged as reference (only copy left, can’t find anymore, as is usual for local history). More email.

Tackled more 900’s weeds until lunchtime. lots more stuff going bye-bye. set aside the book from 1965 as I’m not ready to part with it yet. Also interrupted with emails – book suggestions and request from author who wants more of her books in our libraries. <snark>so give us copies, if you want every branch to have them. we don’t have an endless supply of money</snark>

After a quick check of the email, I was still feeling the weeding groove, so I figured I should take advantage and loaded up another cart (only 8 boxes to go now!), which took most of the rest of the afternoon.

Spent the last hour doing email, some cart maintenance in TitleSource 3, and a bit of work in ILLiad. All of our patron requests go through our ILLiad interlibrary loan module, and currently, all materials requested that are 4 years old or newer are sent to collection development to see if we want to order them rather than ILL. One of my duties is to route the requests from our selectors that we have decided not to purchase so that they are either cancelled or moved along in the ILL process, depending on the status of the material. We do take patron requests pretty seriously here, but don’t order everything. It’s really interesting to see what people request, that is for sure. I have LOTS of patron requests in my areas. LOTS.

So today wasn’t very interesting – sorry about that! Hopefully I won’t continue to be quite so boring the rest of the week. 🙂