25 Random Things about Me

This seems like an appropriate inaugural post for my blog:

1. I’ve lived in the same city my entire life.

2. I live less than 2 miles from my childhood home.

3. I have volunteered for a local animal adoption organization for over 10 years, finding homes for many, many kitties and doggies. 🙂

4. All my pets have to have people names.

5. Continuing on the animal theme, I am also a member of the Animal Control Advisory Board for our county government.

6. I hate shopping and do 95% of my shopping online. I rarely have to return anything.

7. I am an only child.

8. My favorite food is cheese. cheese of all kinds. glorious, glorious cheese.

9. I love sitcoms: Big Bang Theory, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, the list goes on and on…

10. I am addicted to buying t-shirts and coffee mugs.

11. I unabashedly love hair bands to this day.

12. I have a pretty small circle of good friends, and the majority of them are spread across the country.

13. I care a lot and have to work very hard at not making other people’s problems my own.

14. My first job was as an interviewer at one of those consumer opinion survey places at the mall.

15. I have a really hard time talking about myself, so this is ridiculously hard.

16. I love purses and wallets. and shoes. and I won’t count how many I have, because it would scare me.

17.  When I started college, I thought I wanted to be an accountant (snicker). I started at the library as a part-time job during college and got sucked in.

18. I like to cook but never seem to have enough time to do as much as I want.

19. I have a 2006 MINI named UltraViolet. yes, she is purple.

20. Purple is my favorite color, by the way.

21. I love to second-guess myself and am usually my own worst enemy.

22. I am a summertime girl and hate the cold.

23. I *love* wearing glasses and always want more pairs.

24. I have 5 tattoos and 3 more in the planning stages.

25. I love to look for patterns in things – license plates, phone numbers, actual patterns, you name it.

man, this was brutal.

not tagging anyone. if ya feel like it, do it.