Library Day in the Life 4 – Wednesday

Today was not terribly exciting or different from any other day.

I spent a good chunk of the morning getting a cart of 900s ready to purchase. The hardest part of buying books is always deciding which ones to buy, since there’s never enough money to buy everything you want. It’s especially tight right now because we’re tweaking our budget year and trying to stretch our budgets. not an unusual thing these days. Right now, my criteria is:

  1. Books I have noted to get asap to fill a particular hole or a new edition of a current title, then
  2. Books with favorable reviews
  3. Other books that sound interesting (though there are fewer of those thrown in these days).

It’s definitely not a precise science. The 900s always have LOTS in the #1 category because of all the travel guides. We’re putting a bunch more on standing order when our new budget year starts in a few months, so that will help a whole lot. This batch included quite a few local travel guides, which are definitely in demand.

We had our monthly Collection Confabulation meeting, which is a brown bag lunch discussion we hold here. Every month is a different topic, and we invite branch staff down to talk about collection stuff. Today’s discussion was on floating, so we had many more attending than usual. It was a good discussion, and I think we got some good ideas out of it on how we can continue to tweak things and make the system work for everyone.

Speaking of floating, in the afternoon, I cleared out two more carts of float books to be distributed, armed with my new knowledge of what people want/don’t want. I actually feel a bit better about weeding some of the areas I don’t select, like YA fiction, so that part was easier too.

I also started getting a 700s cart ready to go and will finish that up tomorrow.

Like I said, not a whole lot of new or different today. I left work and went to my much-needed yoga class, which didn’t seem to aggravate my elbow that has been bothering me (not too much, at least), so that was also a good thing. Getting old sucks. And we did some awesome assisted wheel poses, so I was happy. That’s my favorite pose (yes, I know. I’m weird).

Then I came home, had dinner, and wrote this post. The End.