Library Day in the Life 4 – Tuesday

Fun morning!

First thing was a trip to the dentist – just for a cleaning, luckily. I bet you are jealous though, right?

Then, since I was in the neighborhood for the dentist appointment, I stopped in to order a new pair of glasses, since it’s a new year and they are covered by insurance. I, uh, may have a problem when it comes to glasses. This is what I chose:

Menizzi 1081 glasses

Eventually, I found myself at work. Checked email and the usual web locales. Dealt with a few more staff/patron suggestions and set aside a printout of a couple catalog records that appear to be the same book to give to the head of Tech Svcs.  The physical inbox is EMPTY (well, it isn’t anymore, but for a couple hours, it was!).

Got a response back from a patron on one of the ILL requests I was working on. Realized the simple article request was really a full-blown reference question that needed some research. Tweeted something to that effect, which went to Facebook, and got a response from one of the Information Services staff to send it to them – which is exactly what I was planning to do!  We connected later and the request is now in their virtual hands.

I need to figure out the best way to keep up with the review journals. Now that I have such a significant portion of the adult nonfiction, it’s a bit harder to keep up. Right now, I am still looking at the paper copies as they come through. It’s sort of working, but really easy for me to get behind if I get too busy with other stuff. I can get them through TitleSource, but I am finding that more cumbersome to deal with right now than the dead tree versions. Pondering, pondering, pondering…

Finished off the rest of the Nancy Drew queue in ILLiad.

Sorted out the last of yesterday’s Float cart and grabbed another. a big chunk of this one is actually one of my areas – the 200’s (religion). a fair amount of things to weed this time.

and that was all she wrote for Tuesday. I am pretty sure there was some other stuff in there today, but… oh well.  Time to relax for the evening.

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