Goodbye, Friendfeed.

I hadn’t planned to make an official goodbye post, but here I am.  The are finally turning off the servers and shutting the virtual door to Friendfeed on April 9th. Friendfeed has been my online home for exactly 7 years. While I’ve used many other social networking sites before and after I started here, it has always been my constant.

It started just as a place where I hung out with my librarian friends, friends who have all become a great and important part of my life. While I may have met them in other ways via the Great Librarian Interwebs, I don’t know if we’d be the friends we are today. But Friendfeed also introduced me to a whole lot of people across the country and across the world that I likely never would have found somewhere else. And for this, words really can’t express how much I am thankful for our time there.

We always knew this day would come. It’s been 6 years almost since Facebook bought it and it has been our little corner of the internet, our refuge ever since. Many left after the acquisition and people dropped little by little over the years, but a core community remained. There were good times and bad. We shared so much – marriages, divorces, deaths, births, recipes, food and cat pics – the full range. Yes, there were times of drama and times I got so irritated that I had to take a timeout. But I always came back. The last month has been a time of reminiscing and reliving all those times.

Now, it’s time to say the final goodbye to Friendfeed. My hope is that all these great friendships I made will remain. We may be scattering to various other sites and the interactions may change, but I am hopeful they will endure in some way. I am not always the best at reaching out and staying in touch, but I am going to try my best.

let it go where it's supposed to

I have this tattooed on my arm as a general reminder, sort of my personal motto. Some days are easier than others to follow it, but I am trying to make it my mantra for the end of Friendfeed.

“Just let it go where it’s supposed to.
Let your life hang out the window to dry.
And if it catches the wind, and you never see it again.
Then I guess it was probably time.”
(lyrics by Butch Walker — OF COURSE)

I’ll see you around, FF. Thank you for everything.