Library Day in the Life 4 – TGIF Edition

I woke up raring to go today, so after a trip to work complete with car-dancing and a stop at Starbucks, I was ready to work.

First off was finishing this month’s orders. I saved the best for last – the 600s! This is always my favorite section. So much variety, and so much of it is really popular with patrons. Some random selections from what I ordered today:

After that, I processed my patron requests for the week. They have become a lot more manageable this year since we cut down the number of active ILL requests patrons can have (yes, right now everything goes through ILL. we’re working on a system to have purchase requests be submitted separately). I have had almost half as many as I used to have. What used to take me a good half of the day or longer now takes just a couple hours.

After lunch, I took care of the last couple stragglers in the Extensive Searching/Nancy Drew ILLiad queue, fixing titles and saying no can do.

The rest of the afternoon is spent with email and gathering info and documents to start compiling info for my sections of our draft collection development plan. Getting going on this is one of our big goals for the year. I’m looking at what another couple libraries have done and also pulling some from our weeding guidelines. Our plan is going to explain, in general terms, what our guiding principles and processes are for developing the library collection. This will be one of those documents that is continually evolving, but you have to start somewhere, so we’re trying to get something down on paper. I think this is going to be a really good process. We’ll be getting input from our branch staff once we get a draft. I think it will really help all of us to be on the same page. And I really like the idea of more transparency with our patrons on how/what we buy.

And on that note, it is the weekend and time to RELAX. Thanks for checking this out. I really plan to post more. I swear.

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