Library Day in the Life 4 – Thursday

Thursday. I love Thursday. It’s almost Friday! 🙂

Had scads of email when I got in. Delete, delete, delete. Peered into the twitterscope and Friendfeed and a couple library blogs – fer reals! I read actual library blogs. I know, right?

Had a pow-wow with my supervisor and co-worker, talking about the meeting re: floating yesterday. A debriefing, of sorts. Can I just say, I love the people I work with? Our vision and attitudes in regards to our collection are so in sync. We just work well together. that, and we are all awesome. 🙂

So I finished up the cart of 700s I started yesterday afternoon. Cart wrangling can be sort of tedious, mostly because of the TitleSource interface. [don’t even get me started on the UI nightmare that is TitleSource3. I will go on for days.] For the bigger areas, I have multiple carts (divided either by Dewey subcategories or broad subjects) for titles I want to purchase. When it comes time to buy, I have to move the ones I want to buy into a new cart, but it’s all a guessing game at that point, because I haven’t always pre-determined how many copies of everything I will buy. So I make a best guess and see how close that is to my target budget amount once I have everything allocated. Often I end up having to move some stuff back and save it for another month; once in a while, I’m under and it’s like Christmas. 🙂

My last cart of the month will be 600s. I tend to save it for last, because I often have many patron requests in this area, so those will chip away at my monthly budgeted amount, so it is just easier to wait and see how much is left.

Before tackling the float carts of the day, I had to stop and take ibuprofen. If I am going to have sore muscles post-exercise, it hits me about 20 hours later. The shoulders and arms got a workout yesterday at yoga, so there you go.

Big chunk of graphic novels to re-allocate today. Mostly Marvel. lots of juvenile nonfiction too, so good news for the new library, which is looking for more. 🙂

And thus we have another day down in the non-stop-thrill-a-minute life of this collection development librarian.

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